Selection Report of State Leaders & People’s Heroes in the World Fight against COVID-19 in 2020

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World Peace Ribbon Organization
Selection Report of State Leaders & People’s Heroes in the World Fight against COVID-19 in 2020
On January 23, 2020, China closed off Wuhan and blew the whistle on the COVID-19 outbreak for the world, heralding the beginning of the global battle against the virus. From then on, people of various countries, under the leadership of their respective governments, have been engaged in the life-and-death fight against the novel coronavirus as well as the “panic virus” arising thereof for one year. To encourage people around the world to continue fighting the virus and secure a full victory as soon as possible, the World Peace Ribbon Organization, on behalf of nongovernmental organizations in the world, unveiled the list of 10 state leaders and 10 people’s heroes in the 2020 world fight against COVID-19 in New York City, USA on January 23, 2021.

List of State Leaders in the World Fight against COVID-19 in 2020

1. Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China
Reason for nomination: He led China to first “announce war” against the novel coronavirus, inform the international community of the pandemic, and sound the alert as a whistleblower to the world. He guided the Chinese people and military to bravely fight the virus, and even personally reached the frontline of Wuhan to command the battle. He led China to win great victory in the whistleblowing and resistance wars to contain the spread of the virus, accumulating valuable experience and laying the foundation for the world to win the battle against COVID-19.

2. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation
Reason for nomination: As a “responsible” president, He has a strong aversion to some politicians(Frame others or find Scapegoat), He has great confidence for his country and people, he led Russia and its people to do their best to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus in their country through observing and coping with the situation cool-headedly, winning a phased victory over the pandemic. He thus earned respect from the Russian people.

3. The People of the United States of America
Reason for nomination: In face of the novel coronavirus that has long lurked in the US, then-President Donald Trump remained neglectful and careful, and even attempted to “ally” with the virus to attack other countries. After the virus broke out in the US, Trump tried to scapegoat other countries and create the “political virus,” instead of taking active action to fight the pandemic. Relying on their persistent determination and physical prowess, the American people bravely fight the novel coronavirus and the political virus, and drove their irresponsible president out of the White House with their votes. The honor as the leader in the fight against COVID-19 in the US should go to the American people.
4. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK
Reason for nomination: Despite the horrible virus and the poignant criticism from the international community, he displayed an image as a humorous state leader and led the British people to overcome difficulties in the fight against the novel coronavirus, in which he even charged at the head. After he was infected, he defeated the virus with his optimism and outgoing mentality. Eventually, he led the British people to win a phased victory over the pandemic.

5. Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy
Reason for nomination: Aware of the severe situation of the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, he took prompt action to sign an order for a national lockdown to contain the spread of the virus. He proposed isolation measures and called for cooperation. He led the Italian people in the tough battle against the novel coronavirus, and eventually secured a phased victory. 

6. Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)
Reason for nomination: As the top leader of the DPRK, he attached great importance to the threat of COVID-19, and led the people of the DPRK to unite as one to resolutely block the virus out of the country, making the DRRK one of the few countries free of the threat of the pandemic in the world.

7. Jair Messias Bolsonaro, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil
Reason for nomination: The COVID-19 pandemic severely damaged Brazil’s economy. He once swung indecisively between economic growth and epidemic control. Eventually, he made up his mind to lead the Brazilian people to actively fight the novel coronavirus even when he himself was infected, setting a good example for the country in the fight against COVID-19.

8. Emmanuel Macron, President of France
Reason for nomination: The news that he was infected with COVID-19 shocked the European political circles. Under the watch of the entire world, he still showed great confidence and determination in the fight against the virus. Eventually, as a young, vigorous president advocating freedom, he led the French people to win a phased victory over COVID-19 with an active, optimistic attitude.

9. Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran
Reason for nomination: Facing the extensive spread of the novel coronavirus in Iran and the nationwide panic arising thereof, as well as other troubles and challenges, he led the Iranian people to fearlessly fight the COVID-19 pandemic and the public panic it caused, winning a phased victory in Iran’s battle against the virus.

10. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India
Reason for nomination: Considering India’s actual problems such as a large population and weak epidemic prevention infrastructure, many worried that the pandemic might be out of control in the country. In the face of worries and skepticism from the international community, as a cool-headed prime minister, he led the Indian people to overcome the crisis and win a phased victory in India’s fight against COVID-19 with their strong determination and confidence.

List of People’s Heroes in the World Fight against COVID-19 in 2020

1. Michael Melham, Mayor of Belleville, USA
Reason for nomination: As an American mayor, he confessed that he contracted the novel coronavirus as early as November 2019 and asked his doctor to issue a certificate for his antibody-positive test result. This move smashed Trump’s plot to scapegoat other countries and proved that the virus already emerged in the US before the outbreak in China’s Wuhan City. He played a positive and significant role in reducing international disputes, promoting world peace and enhancing the friendship between Chinese and American peoples. With his body and behavior, he won victory over the novel coronavirus and the political virus. We named the Melham Peace Square to honor him and granted him the World Peace Medal.

2. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO)
Reason for nomination: Enduring groundless criticism and skepticism from some countries, he led the staff of the WHO to travel around the world, at the risk of their own health, to guide countries and regions in preventing and fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, making remarkable contributions to the global battle against the virus.

3. Barack Obama, Former US President
Reason for nomination: As then-US President Trump was reluctant to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak but active in scapegoating others and creating the political virus, as the former president, he extended great support to the Report on World People’s Fight Against Virus in 2020 released by the World Peace Ribbon Organization, strongly criticizing Trump for his irresponsible behavior, and supported Joe Biden in his presidential campaign, awakening the American people to rise up against both the novel coronavirus and the political virus. He is a great hero in the US’ fight against COVID-19 and the political virus.  

4. Zhang Boli, Scientist in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Reason for nomination: China’s victory over the epidemic shows that traditional Chinese medicine is effective in containing the novel coronavirus, with a greater efficacy than that of Western medicine. As a representative forerunner of traditional Chinese medicine, Mr. Zhang Boli was entrusted with a heavy mission at a critical moment to oversee frontline practices using traditional Chinese medicine to fight the virus. He made great contributions to the Chinese people’s battle against COVID-19. The honor should go to traditional Chinese medicine and Mr. Zhang Boli.

5. Chen Wei, Medical Scientist from the PLA
Reason for nomination: At a critical moment, the Chinese army showed no fear and marched to the frontline against the virus, injecting great confidence in the hearts of people nationwide. As a soldier and eminent scientist, Ms. Chen Wei played an important role in commanding epidemic prevention and control and developing COVID-19 vaccines, demonstrating the heroic spirit of Chinese soldiers. The honor should go to the Chinese army and Ms. Chen Wei.

5. Zhong Nanshan, Medical Scientist in China
Reason for nomination: Numerous medical scientists and medical workers made extraordinary contributions to fighting the novel coronavirus. As a renowned medical scientist in China, Mr. Zhong Nanshan instructed medical teams using therapies from both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to treat COVID-19 patients, making remarkable contributions to the fight against the virus. The honor should go to Mr. Zhong Nanshan.

7. Zinaida Korneva, 98-Year-Old Russian Veteran
Reason for nomination: A 98-year-old Russian veteran who once fought in the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union who is not rich and even suffers from illness, she launched a campaign to raise 4.5 million Russian rubles for 152 families of doctors working on the frontline against the epidemic. Although the amount isn’t so much impressive, her heroic deed moved all people in Russia.

8. Svetlana Anuryeva, Russian Female College Student
Reason for nomination: A female student with cancer at a Russian medical college, she became a volunteer to fearlessly fight the novel coronavirus on the frontline despite her illness. In the last few days of her life, she continued to help those in need and died on the frontline against the pandemic. Her heroic deed moved the entire Russia.

9. Svetislav Vranić, Serbian Pilot
Reason for nomination: A pilot of Air Serbia, he flew an aircraft for more than 30 hours, bringing the first group of Chinese epidemic and medical experts to Serbia. He died for infecting with the novel coronavirus. The moment of the pilot swaying a Chinese national flag at the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has been imprinted in the national memories of Serbian people in the fight against COVID-19.

10. Unsung Heroes in the Global Fight against COVID-19
Reason for nomination: We should never forget the unsung heroes who made contributions to the world people’s fight against the virus in 2020 and those who were infected but still bravely combated the virus. Their heroic spirit is inspiring the world and latecomers to continue fighting the pandemic until the final victory. 

World Peace Ribbon Organization
NewYork CityJanuary 23, 2021


Supplementary notes:
The above list is based on the results of the selection by the World Peace Ribbon Organization, on behalf of nongovernmental organizations globally, from heroic individuals and groups in the fight against COVID-19 between January 23, 2020 and January 23, 2021. It is for reference to governments, public organizations, academic institutions and individual readers around the world. Due to limited time, manpower and resources, it is inevitable that the list has omissions or errors, and any criticism or correction is welcome. We must thank Mr. Chen Entian, co-chairman of the World Peace Ribbon Organization and the Global Alliance of the Antis about Frame others or find Scapegoat, for the release of the list. His heroic deeds had been spread in the international community throughout 2020: At the most critical moment when the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, China, he risked his life and led a research team to the city for scientific survey. In the Survey Report on the 2020 Novel Coronavirus Incident submitted to the Chinese leadership, he first pointed out that the virus didn’t originate in China and proved that the virus isn’t undefeatable, heightening the Chinese government, people and military’s confidence and courage in winning the battle against the pandemic. When the coronavirus outbreak was uncovered in the US, some American politicians tried to make China a scapegoat, claiming that “the virus originated in China and China had the obligation to compensate other countries.” In the name of the World Peace Ribbon Organization, Mr. Chen launched the Global Alliance of the Antis about Frame others or find Scapegoat and published the Report on World People’s Fight Against Virus in 2020 in the six official languages of the United Nations, in an effort to unite American people with consciousness and smash the plot to scapegoat China. In the selection process, many proposed putting Mr. Chen Entian onto the list, but he refused. He said, “I have already been included in the list as one of the Unsung Heroes in the Global Fight against COVID-19.”




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