2021"Chengdu Talent Cup"Talents Innovation and Competition (Asia Pacific) Held to Fantastic Fanfare

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On the afternoon of December 16, 2020, the 2021 "Chengdu Talent Cup" High-level Talents Innovation and Start-up Competition (Asia Pacific) was held synchronously in Singapore, Israel and the city of Chengdu. Sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal Talents Work Leadership Group Office and organized by Chengdu Industry Investment Co., Ltd. It is the first international competition of the 2021 "Chengdu Talent Cup" High-level Talents Innovation and Start-up Competition. Focusing on the industrial advantages of the Asia-Pacific Region in conjunction with the human resource needs in Chengdu's industry ecosystems. Upholding the principle of needs-driven talent introduction and accurate matchmaking, the focal points were key sectors such as modern finance, medicine and healthcare, and 20 high-quality innovation and start-up projects from nations such as Japan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Israel, Malaysia and India were selected to participate in the contest, with emphatic support and active participation from various organizations like foreign consulates, incubators, science and technology parks, institutions of higher education and scientific research institutes across the Asia-Pacific Region.
Ran Peleg, Consul-general of Israel to Chengdu, attended the event and addressed the audience, in which he highlighted the sound relations between Israel and China, and shared his story about settling down in the City of Hibiscus. He stated that the "Chengdu Talent Cup" Innovation and Start-up Competition provides a wonderful opportunity for Chengdu and Israel to collaboration on innovation, wished the success of the "Chengdu Talent Cup" campaign, and called on more Israeli innovation and start-up teams to get to know Chengdu and visit Chengdu.
The 2021 "Chengdu Talent Cup" High-level Talents Innovation and Start-up Competition (Asia Pacific) jointly commenced by Consul-general of Israel to Chengdu Mr. Ran Peleg, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Chengdu Industry Investment Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Xuegui, and Deputy Director of the Chengdu Municipal Talents Office and Director of the Chengdu Municipal Talents Development Center Mr. Peng Yue.

This session featured roadshows of innovation and start-up projects focusing on fields such a​s electronic information, smart manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and advanced materials in the Asia-Pacific Region, and the judges' panel consisted of experts from DT Capital Partners, Jizhuan Venture Capital, Richland Equities, Chengdu Innovation Venture Capital and Heyi Venture Capital. The participating projects competed through "screen vs screen" online cross-border roadshow, coupled with comments and scores from on-site judges. After three hours of fierce competition, ultimately five teams were awarded the "pass" and qualified the final of the 2021 "Chengdu Talent Cup" High-level Talents Innovation and Start-up Competition. The five winners are Independently developed smart robot system for intelligent manufacturing, 5G base station chip with the world's lowest latency and Temi robot from Israel, Medical care revolution instigated by development of automated diagnostic system from Japan, and Deep-UV LED epitaxial chip and UV light source industrialization project from the Republic of Korea, and they will advance directly to the final ultimate contest. A total of six competing projects won interests from investment firms, and total intended investment reached RMB105 million, bringing the cumulative total of intended investment to RMB164 million.

International Competition of the "Chengdu Talent Cup" functions as a bridge that connects Chengdu with innovation resources from major cities around the world, and offers a platform for Chengdu to attract and recruit high-caliber, elite and top-notch talents from across the globe. In the following five months, the International Competition campaign of the "Chengdu Talent Cup" will continue to take place, including events for regions such as Europe and Australia.



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